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Semi-annual Sales Meeting Announced Stable Sales In The First Half

Semi-annual Sales Meeting Announced Stable Sales In The First Half


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HASE Thickener, Hydrophobically-modified alkali swellable emulsion, Hydrophobically-modified alkali soluable emulsion

Semi-annual Sales Meeting Announced Stable Sales In The First Half

Today is a great day!

Millions of high school students participated in the college examination. After three days, their fate will be stepping into an absolute crucial turning point in their whole life career.

On this great occasion, semi-annual sales meeting of EM Chemicals begun.

Mr.Jiaming Li, CEO of the company, Mr.Wenjie Liu, Sales Supervisor, together with those heads of other allied departments presented in the meeting, and Mr.Jiaming Li made a speech on market situations, reported sales data of the first half and some shinning points of sales and gave thanks to sales team and operation team.

From the speech, company harvested a stable sales in the fisrt half in comparison to that of last year and recorded amazing sales increases in pigment printing thickener and reactive dye printing thickener. What an exciting news! Unbelievable team work under the severe COVID 19 pandemic situations.

Mr.Wenjie Liu also made a speech on marketing planning and emphasized sustainable increasing point and related core products, which has set clear target for the second half of the year.

After that, Technical Department announced two new reactive thickeners which is natural-derived in powder forms and quality cost wise as well and invite all the salesman to participate in an experiencing course of product applications.

With the basic market foundation and the enhanced product platform, We sales are very much inspired .

Though we suffered from COVID 19 during the past few months, but with the amazing team work, we successfully pulled through.

Chances and challenges co-exists, we need to face straightly with enough confidence and fight through.

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