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High fastness pigment Binder EM-453R

High performance binder with high fastness (both rubbing and washing), bright color and ultra soft hand feel

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Product Name: High fastness Pigment Binder

Item Code: EM-453R

General Description

High fastness pigment binder EM-453R is an self cross-link high-class binder suitable for pigment printing and pigment dyeing.

This pigment binder is Liquid Textile Printing Binder, it has excellent thermal and mechanical stability, which gives it superior running properties. This has a special acrylic system, which gives good wet rubbing fastness. Even on viscous, high twisted cotton and synthetic blends over conventional binders.

Technical Index

Main Components



PH Value(25℃)

Poly-acrylate high   molecular polymer

Blue tone liquid



Properties and characteristics

1. Excellent rubbing fastness as well as washing fastness.

2. Good flowability across the mesh, no screen choking problem, no sticky problem to blade.


1. Paste Recipe

Pigment Thickener EM-PTE  1.5-2%

Binder EM-453R                10-20%

Pigment Color                         X%

Fixer/defoamer/Amonia Water  Y%

Water                                    Z%

Total                                  100%

2. Printing and finishing process

Printing→Baking-Curing ( at 130-150℃ for 3-5mins)


60kg/125KG net in plastic drum.


1. Store it at a ventilated, cool and dry place with temperature between 0-40°C.

2.Don’t use together with any cationic auxiliaries.

◎ Why Choose EM

Guangdong EM Chemicals Co.,Ltd. is a National High-tech Enterprise, specialized in producing and selling waterborne textile printing chemicals, construction associated chemicals and other general fine chemicals.

Our product range falls basically into several categories with focuses on printing thickeners, pigment binder, pigment emulsion, printing gum, construction associated thickener, wall paint pigment paste with dozens of different items. All products are health-care and eco-friendly with Eco-passport Certificate.

We are ISO9001 and 14001 certified company. We possess an Engineering Technology Research Center granted by government as well as a professional research institute, namely GTP Research Institute, co-founded and operated together with Xi’an Polychem Engineering University and Wuhan Textile University, and was awarded as National High-tech Enterprise.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.