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White Rubber Paste For Woven Fabrics EM-W101

Economical and eco-friendly white rubber paste without elasticity for coverinng purpose

  • Product Details

Product Name: White Rubber Paste For Woven Fabrics

Product Code: EM-W101

◎ General Description

White Rubber Paste for woven fabrics EM-W101 is a kind of high molecular polymer fine quality rubber paste, development purposely for using in flat bed, rotary screen,Oval screen and handy screen printing etc. It possesses good penetration, fine fastness, convenient in use.

◎ Technical Index




PH Value(25℃)

Acrylic resin, titanium dioxide and auxiliaries

In white viscous gum



◎ Product Features

1.Dry surface, good covering, no elasticity and some hard hand feel.

2.Economical in cost.


◎ Application Range

1.Suitable for woven or polyester fabrics.

2.Suitable for flat bed, rotary screen,Oval screen and handy screen.

◎ Application Recommendation

1.After printing, let it natural or oven dry and make sure to dry completely.

2.Application reference: can be directly used together with pigment paste

3.In order to make the surface smooth and covering enough, overlap printing twice.

4.For higher fastness,please add 0.5%-2% crossinglinking agent.

5.Suitable mesh size: 100-120 counts.

◎ Package

 20kg/plastic drum

◎ Notice

1.Store in 5-40 C temperature in ventilation and drying environment, no direct sunlight exposure, and freezing is strictly prohibited.

2.Suitable oven dry temperature is 130-150 C.

3.Self life 6 months under room temperature.

4.Sample shoudl be tested before mass production.

5.After adding the auxiliaries,please use out in 4-6 hours,otherwise the paste will be watered,but it will not solidified or formed.

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